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Not This Lifetime, I've Got a HEADACHE!: My Two-Decade Crusade Against a Totally Annoying, Utterly Baffling, Pain-in-the-Neck Headache

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On a crystal-clear St. Patrick’s Day in 1995, Lara Ketter was driving to the drug store in her teal Pontiac when a car turned directly into her path. Lara’s Grand Am hit the car and then a light pole, a mere three seconds during which her forehead slammed into the steering wheel twice, causing double whiplash.


About Lara Ketter

Lara Ketter

Lara Ketter is drawn to the funny side of life and loves to write about it. For ten years, she wrote a weekly humor column for the Downs News & Times, a newspaper formerly owned and managed by her parents. She designed a web site,, where she blogged about funny farm anecdotes while she was a stay-at-home mom to toddlers.



You’ll be surprised, and perhaps even a little doubtful, when you hear the remarkable news that I’ve lived with a headache and chronic pain all but three weeks of my life since March of 1995. A constant headache is a preposterous notion. Some days I barely believe it myself.


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